Jelmer Zuidema 
Recruitment Marketeer a.i.
co-founder Roadtrip Agency

Previously (or still) working with

PVH Corp.

Facilicom Group

Danaher Corporation

June 2020

I recently had the honour to host a Recruitment Marketing Analytics Masterclass, together with Jelmer Koppelmans. We guided the attendees through Google Analytics, introduced them to the metrics they should focus on and finished the Masterclass with setting up their own Dashboard. Below you will find the promotional video. 

Hosted the Recruitment Marketing Analytics Masterclass

November 2019 – Present

In November 2019 Roadtrip was founded. Built on the motto ‘from Insights to Improvements’ we provide candidates with the information to improve their (online) recruitment processes. Roadtrip lives in perfect harmony with the consultancy that we both still do, because we learn on the job and apply it to the products we offer with Roadtrip. 

Founded Roadtrip Agency, together with Jelmer Koppelmans

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